SUSE Adaptable Linux Platform

The container-native workload-focused OS

Great for

Container-native workloads

What is ALP?

SUSE's Adaptable Linux Platform allow developers focus on the workloads while keeping independent from the hardware an container runtime layers.

Immutable OS

Runs all required services

Stable, immutable base OS utilizes transactions when modifying the file system. Self-contained and modular for modern cloud environments.


Runs anywhere, anytime

From cloud environments, edge devices to entire data centers, with a minimun footprint and core, ALP wins at flexibility and agility.

Easy to use

Administer and manage easily

A web-based interface to administer workloads from one place, including user accounts, network settings, and container orchestration.

Confidential Computing

Run applications securely

Protects data in use by performing computations in attested and Trusted Execution Environment.
Increases security assurances for organizations that manage sensitive and regulated data.


Focused on the workloads

Designed with containerized and virtualized workloads in mind, abstracting workloads from the OS and container runtime layers.
Containerized workloads include all software dependencies.


Ensures smooth operations

Provides self-healing and self-management, executing tasks affecting both the OS and the container layer. Allows users to focus on their workloads while abstracting from hardware and apps.

Why Use ALP


ALP products can have different versions of core components and be supported for different lengths of time. ALP allows for greater flexibility in managing software dependencies and updates, reducing the likelihood of getting “stuck” with outdated software.


ALP relies heavily on transactional updates and containerization, making it easier to shift and swap what versions of libraries are in play. This approach simplifies the management of software dependencies and updates, reducing the potential for conflicts between different software packages.


ALP is a platform that produces families of products, which can be tailored to the specific needs of different users. Additionally, the ALP concept is flexible enough that openSUSE can leverage SUSE’s ALP products and add anything they want, potentially providing a more customizable experience for users.